…and lack thereof.

I had last week off work. The idea was to immerse myself in being creative. Get some new sketches done, mess around with new techniques/materials. I really wanted to get some new stuff started, to move on and! I had a dream dammit!

The reality was, a series of distractions, a few hours spent staring blankly at various pieces of paper and a general lack of inspiration. A whole week wasted!

I did get started on one new idea, which was transferred to canvas and didn’t really work. I’m not too bothered. Normally I would be beating myself up over it, but this time ’round I approached it with an open mind. A bit of an experiment to just chuck stuff around and not obsess over the detail. I’m not sure acrylics on canvas is for me though. It was kind of OK, but I couldn’t help but feel I would’ve been a lot happier with it if I’d approached it a different way…

And I’ve decided I really don’t like the texture of canvas.

Well anyhoo, the sketch is still around, I think i’m going to have another go at it, probably digitally. With the reassurance of command Z.


One response to “Focus!

  1. Ha, i did the very same thing last year, took a week off to do stuff like that and just sat around uninspired, depressing aint it. My last few moments of inspiration came when absent mindedly doodling whilst on the phone at work.

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