stuff happening

I thought rather than post the same stuff I put on my website, I’d share some development work.

I have a couple of really exciting projects going on. One based around my digital work, and the other is more focussed on the originals I’ve been painting. They both need some new stuff doing so it’s been  really good for focusing my mind on new ideas. (OK, more of the same ideas…)

So yeah, been sketching away and these are where I’m at right now. Ascend, and Recline kinda go with Strings, which I painted a while back, but is getting a digital reworking to complement the others and work as a trio.





Minerva is going to get painted



and these are some other doodles


Anyhoo, I’ve taken a few days off work to get to grips with them, and so far, all I’ve done is wade through a years worth of paperwork which all needed filing. Excitement. I better get cracking.


One response to “stuff happening

  1. Liking the sketches!

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