Some good, some bad

It’s been a really funny week, I ‘d set aside some time for something that’s been delayed. No problems, that leaves me with a whole week to fill with painting/drawing/riding bikes, plus, it seems to be the start of spring (finally). All good.

So I set about some wood panels that I’d got waiting to be dealt with. The first result I already posted, the second was….well….fucking abysmal. I dunno, it just totally did my head in, I just cant seem to get the paint to do anything I want on a hard surface. It got painted over and over and ended up a horrid greyed out stodgy mess.

Fuck you wood panels.

At least for now. I’m going back to some lovely paper, and maybe a little digital malarkey.

I did this to console myself:

And I thought I’d post this, which i did a month or so ago, it kinda kick started the current baby/angel/skull head thing I’ve been doing.

On the plus side, the Blik thing seems to be going down really well, generating some interest, and there’s still a few more days in which I can do justice to the idea I butchered on the wood panel!


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