Beekeeper print giveaway

OK, so I’ve finally got my act together on the print giveaway…

I’ll be giving away one print of Beekeeper (from a run of 20), 590mm x 415mm signed giclee, to which I’ll be adding some hand applied embellishments, making it a unique one-of-a-kind print. Not sure what I’ll be doing, but I’ve got a few prints here and I’ll be messing about with them over the weekend!

To win it, just go to the website – – and sign up for future updates via the “follow” link. If you are already signed up you’ll be automatically entered. The draw closes 12:00 midnight PST on June 30, 2010 with the winner being selected and announced by yours truly on July 2, 2010.

Waiting on some messing with:


3 responses to “Beekeeper print giveaway

  1. Done! Great blog and I simply love your work! Thanks..

  2. Wow, would look amazing next to your rain decal I just bought 😉

  3. Oh my WORD!! I can’t believe I have only just stumbled across you….I am dumbfounded by your work. I simply HAVE to win that print 😉 It’s my anniversary on the 30th June and that would be the most awesome anniversary gift. But, besides that – your work is truly inspirational and I will now be stalking you from the shadows of the internet….I am entranced and jealous and obsessed all at the same time.

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