moleskine scrawls

A couple of weeks back i finished the final painting for an upcoming show and with a deadline out of the way, wanted to head off in a different direction, at least in terms of media.

I’ve been spending a lot of time painting for various projects and I’ve been getting a bit uptight about various aspects of what I’ve been doing and my abilities to do it, so thought it would be cool to just spend a couple of weeks exploring a sketchbook, just scrawling whatever came to mind, rather than worrying about a bigger picture (pun intended).

I’m really enjoying it. It feels liberating to just make marks and not give a fuck!

The crow girls are back, with a future project half in mind, and I’m happy to see them again.


3 responses to “moleskine scrawls

  1. I looooove love love your work, because I am so crazy about crows too.

  2. I am just in love with your work. I am so inspired. I need to get back to sketching again. I have wandered into photography a lot since it is so beautiful at my new home.

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