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I’ve just (yesterday) finished a new piece that I’m submitting for hopeful inclusion in the David Lynch themed show at Phone Booth Gallery.

I’ve had the brief since September and only just finished it with 2 days left before deadline. Yes, I suck. Even more so because I’d already completed one and decided it just wasn’t working – back to the sketchpad. Yay!

So this is the final one, well a detail anyway. Full pic and an explanation if it gets in. Wish me luck…


New painting

Been working on some new stuff. I started this one over the weekend, was really happy with how it was going. Then on Monday I realised I’d been laying the paint on so heavily It has stuck to the board. And it wouldn’t come off. At all.

So I had to start all over again. I made a few tweaks anyway, and all in all, think it worked out better. Was a painful process though.

76cm x 56cm Acrylic on Rives BFK

taste foreign

Back in the saddle

Just got back from a week in Cornwall.

Checked out a load of art while I was down there. Most of which was really cliche tourist seascape crap, but there was work from this one guy who I really liked. Abstract paintings, lots of layered/textures and colours, really nice, but like a fool I’ve forgotten his name!

Anyhoo, it was enough to inspire me to try my hand at a canvas again. So canvasses bought, fingers crossed. Hopefully I can get something out of it! Still not sure if I like acrylics. They seem to start to look really plasticy when the paint gets thick. Maybe I should try oils.

Also have a few ideas that I’ll be working on in my usual digital style. And there’s a chance I may get another commission for some CD artwork/packaging. Hope it works out…