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droodlings – electrik sheep 14 oct 2010

A little heads up on my first solo show next month at Electrik Sheep in Newcastle.

Hugely stoked about the upcoming show. There’s a bunch of new work that I’ve been focused on the past few months, some pieces I’ve posted on the blog, but a whole bunch of unseen stuff too.

“Droodlings” features paintings on paper alongside some of the other materials I’ve been working with recently – some collage, some painting on wood and found materials, alongside 3 all new limited edition prints. The show runs October 14th through to November 12th, hope to see some of you there at the opening. If you do make it, be be sure to come up and say hello.

Here’s a few teaser pics of some new work, more detailed pics to come later!



Ebb & Flow:

all about the black

I think I’ve gone a bit colour blind. Seriously, i stare at something I like and I cant figure out what the colour is, let alone put together a pallette for a decent painting.

So I thought I’d take a break and hit the black ink. Here’s a detail from one of the pieces I’ve been working on. It hasn’t got a name, yet, but I like it.

And I’m going to do some more of this inky collage stuff!

more wood panel shenanigans

Paste up a wood panels with pages from a journal dating from 1860.

Paint on it.

Fuck it up.

Sand it back, paint it again.

Fuck it up again.

Throw toys out of pram, attack with sander, think “uhuh, this surface looks rather funky now” and draw on the mofo.

“Just Fly”:

The long way to getting a picture you’re happy with.