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I’ve just started on a new project which could see some work on some ceramics. It’s early days and I’m not sure how it’s all going to pan out, but I’ve been working on an idea and these are a couple of sketches I’ve done for it.

Working on a composition, and there will be a lot more narrative added, but I’m pretty pleased with how it’s heading.

cutlery drawers & cherubs

More fooling around with some found materials. A couple of drawers from an old cutlery factory. Loving working on the old wood surfaces – so much texture and character, they pretty much paint themselves. I’m hoping to snag a few more, which should keep me busy for a while.


Something I’ve been messing around with this past week. I wanted to mess around with background textures and context for this image, I found some old penny newspapers which I thought worked really well. In this case digitally, but it’s something i intend to explore more in a “physical” way.

sketching stuff

It’s been a quite couple of weeks, I did some work on a new painting thats kinda under wraps for now, but I’ve been trying to figure out a way forward. Got all sorts of ideas for new things to try, not quite sure how to get started but I guess I’ll just jump straight in and figure it out later!

So I’ve been sketching away and I think I might make something of this. Not sure what, we shall see!

Nearly March already!

Damn, this year is flying by…

Anyhoo, a quick update with something I’ve been working on/will be working on some more. Well, more “sorting out some more”. I’m thinking I might try these and see how they work as screen prints.

It’s a whole new process to me, so I’m talking to a couple of people to see how feasible they are as they stand, so may well get some tweaks.

Aquarium, Arbor, Aviary:

I’ve also been painting away with some new originals. Two of which will be at the relaunch of Kitch-en gallery in Newcastle

Also finished the pieces I was doing for Blik. Five new pieces that will (hopefully) be the first in an ongoing collaboration. Great people to work with and an exciting opportunity, so fingers crossed. Currently looking forward to seeing the first prototypes!

Lot’s of other stuff going on too, but I’ll save that so I have something else to post in future ;]

A new year

Man, I really suck at blogging.

Anyway welcome to 2010, and all the opportunities it brings!

I’ve been working on some new stuff over christmas, for an upcoming project. I wanted to adapt my style to produce some pieces that were kind of self contained – less reliant on backgrounds. I needed to get them so work more as cut out shapes, after a lot of /facepalm moments, I got a few done that I think work really well. Focussing on the faces and hands rather than a full figure really helped.

Also working on a new website, due to go live next month, with good friend and awesome designer Si Dunn, who i suspect is right now regretting ever getting involved!

Cheers bud, i’ll buy you a beer and noodles!

Pimping myself

It’s summer, albeit a lousy crappy one, and all I seem to be doing is sitting at my mac. With occasional forays out on the trails for a spot of mountain biking.

If i’m not sat at a mac at work, I’m sat at a mac at home, painting, or playing. And then, when I’m actually out, i’ve got my trusty iPhone. So yeah, busy, busy.

I’ve got a couple of projects on the go, both for album artwork. Pretty pleased with how they are shaping up but too early to be posting stuff. Actually, no ones seen anything as yet, so there’s a chance they could both be rejected! Hopefully not, but if they are I’ll still have a couple of kick ass paintings to add to the collection.

Right now, I really need to focus on getting my stuff “out there”. My website needs an update, and I’m working on getting a shop together. Currently I’m selling some prints through etsy, which has gone pretty well (by my standards!) but it’s not ideal.

I had some work featured on a really cool site I regularly check – OMGposters – a week or so ago, which helped some, plus I had a couple of pages in WUW too. I got labelled a Fine Artist, which made me laugh, I’m not big on labels, it is what it is, and I don’t even know the difference between illustration and art (is there one?) but it sounded cool!

Fun times. But yeah, I’m working on pimping my stuff some more. More soon, I hope.