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more drawers

I still had a couple of the cutlery drawers laying around and felt they deserved some attention. This fella found his way onto one. I love the qualities the old surface add to the painting, unfortunately I only have one drawer left now.


droodlings – electrik sheep 14 oct 2010

A little heads up on my first solo show next month at Electrik Sheep in Newcastle.

Hugely stoked about the upcoming show. There’s a bunch of new work that I’ve been focused on the past few months, some pieces I’ve posted on the blog, but a whole bunch of unseen stuff too.

“Droodlings” features paintings on paper alongside some of the other materials I’ve been working with recently – some collage, some painting on wood and found materials, alongside 3 all new limited edition prints. The show runs October 14th through to November 12th, hope to see some of you there at the opening. If you do make it, be be sure to come up and say hello.

Here’s a few teaser pics of some new work, more detailed pics to come later!



Ebb & Flow:

full time unemployed, week one

I’ve been proper busy since I quit my job a just over a week ago.

Busy messing around with some new ideas, and mostly busy finding out that they weren’t going to work. Hey-ho. You live and learn, and I guess that was the whole point of going full time with the art.

I did do a couple of new paintings though. I was particularly happy with this one. Forgive the iPhone pic, the colours are a bit messed up.

Deaths Head:


So I was recently commissioned to do a piece for a birthday. No skulls, or crows, but I managed to get some dead flowers in instead…

I saw it hung for the first time today and really pleased with how it looks on the wall. Actually seeing a piece in situ seems to bring it to life. I thought I’d share a pic.

live art in london

This Sunday saw my first venture in live art.

I caught the train down to London on Sunday to hook up with the Kitch-en crew at The Lockside in Camden, a bit nervous as I hadn’t tackled anything this large – and I was doing it in front of people too – but I ended up having a really good time.

Met some cool people, had a few beers and enjoyed painting in the sun. The finished result was maybe a bit crude, but I was pretty pleased with it for a first try!

A couple of pics, apologies for the blatant abuse of the hipstamatic app!

a little bit of ink

Here’s a taster of something I’ve been up to of late. Aiming for a really stripped back vibe, i’ve been working on a selection of black and white ink drawings, which have then been digitally rendered.

I’ve got something in mind to give them a pretty special hand rendered twist as prints, but I need to do a little bit of experimenting first …

new work

Something I’ve been working on over the past week. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially the detail in the roses, in my own clumsy ass way.

Acrylic on Rives BFK paper. Fo sho.