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more moleskine

Since getting back from SF, I seem to have become addicted to sketching in the moleskine. I’ve done a couple of new paintings, but I’m really enjoying letting the ideas flow and not worrying about the detail.

I’ve got a bunch of ideas waiting to start on once I’ve got the studio sorted. At the moment it seems like my paints are never in the same place I am, so having the sketchbook to hand has been a bit of a lifesaver.

I also took the opportunity to mess around a little with some digital work, I’ve not touched photoshop (to paint with) since last year – I had to try and remember what to do, but pretty happy with the results.


and some sketches:



a little bit of ink

Here’s a taster of something I’ve been up to of late. Aiming for a really stripped back vibe, i’ve been working on a selection of black and white ink drawings, which have then been digitally rendered.

I’ve got something in mind to give them a pretty special hand rendered twist as prints, but I need to do a little bit of experimenting first …

New website, new prints, new stuff

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally got my new website up and running! It’s (hopefully) a much more streamlined affair, with the store integrated and sections for prints and the originals I’ve been working on. I’m really pleased with it, there’s some new work there and I’ll be adding more over the next few days/weeks.

Big thanks to Si and Ben at Tribe for putting the site together and to David Short for the photography and loan of the crow! Please go take a look! www.craww.com

There’s a couple of new prints available, Halo and Mannequin, and I’ve been working on this piece, which is going to see a release very soon.

I’ll also be giving away a signed print of Beekeeper to someone randomly chosen from those who add themselves to my mailing list at the site – go to the Follow section to sign up – go sell me your soul!



Couple of new pieces, prints available at my shop



Also, the painting i did a couple of weeks back, got revisited, the birds were bugging the hell out of me. Let’s hear it for Alizarin Crimson.

Unfortunately, a crappy digital shot as usual, but you get the idea.