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new stuff, a couple of shows

Hey. Enough with the wood malarkey – I’ve been back painting on paper. For the record, Rives BFK is the shiz. It can take so much water and still dry flat. Love it

Anyways, here’s a peek at a couple of all new pieces for some shows coming up this month.

First up, the first work I’ve done for London Miles in (duh) London. I’ve been working on something for the “Literal.Eyes” show opening on 12th May and man, I suffered for this one. It’s actually the 3rd piece I did with the show in mind.

The way I work is very much “make it up as i go along”. I start with half an idea and kind of get in a groove, the painting finds it’s own voice. With this (and a few other upcoming pieces) I’ve been working to fit a theme for a group show and it’s been a f**kin painful process! In this case the theme was art inspired by literature.

Hand on heart, my literary awareness probably extends as far as spiderman comics, but there was something in the idea of Shakespeare’s Hamlet that I though could work with the vibe I was in. Well, I’m pretty damn happy with where I ended up anyway.


I’ve also been working on a piece for the good folk at CAVE Gallery’s upcoming 3rd anniversary show, opening May 23rd. I’ll post a proper pic nearer the date, but here’s a peek at a detail for now.



no, really…

Despite the lack of recent posts, rest assured I have been working like a madman on new stuff.

There maybe a new print release soon, and I have 2 shows coming up, one in October, the other in December, more details soon, so I’m kinda keeping a lot of the work I’m doing for them under wraps…

I’ve got a bunch of doodles and maybe a painting or two to share, but until then, here’s a couple of snaps I took while wandering a recently discovered cemetary. It’s pretty much bang in the heart of the city, and I’ve known it was there all along but somehow only just got the time to check it out. Lovely.