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Craww @ George Thornton Art, Nottingham 5.11.11

My final show of the year!

I’m excited to be showing a selection of new paintings @ George Thornton Art in Nottingham. The show runs 5th – 15th November and as well as the new paintings on paper, will feature some of the work I’ve done on different media over the past year.

Some wood panels, paintings on old drawers and doors and for the first time I’ll be making some original sketches available.

Contact george@georgethorntonart.com for prices and availability

I’ll be there this Saturday for the opening so if you are in Nottingham, come and say hi!

A taster of some of the new work and sketches:

Funeral Party Favourite:


more moleskine

Since getting back from SF, I seem to have become addicted to sketching in the moleskine. I’ve done a couple of new paintings, but I’m really enjoying letting the ideas flow and not worrying about the detail.

I’ve got a bunch of ideas waiting to start on once I’ve got the studio sorted. At the moment it seems like my paints are never in the same place I am, so having the sketchbook to hand has been a bit of a lifesaver.

I also took the opportunity to mess around a little with some digital work, I’ve not touched photoshop (to paint with) since last year – I had to try and remember what to do, but pretty happy with the results.


and some sketches:


Nearly March already!

Damn, this year is flying by…

Anyhoo, a quick update with something I’ve been working on/will be working on some more. Well, more “sorting out some more”. I’m thinking I might try these and see how they work as screen prints.

It’s a whole new process to me, so I’m talking to a couple of people to see how feasible they are as they stand, so may well get some tweaks.

Aquarium, Arbor, Aviary:

I’ve also been painting away with some new originals. Two of which will be at the relaunch of Kitch-en gallery in Newcastle

Also finished the pieces I was doing for Blik. Five new pieces that will (hopefully) be the first in an ongoing collaboration. Great people to work with and an exciting opportunity, so fingers crossed. Currently looking forward to seeing the first prototypes!

Lot’s of other stuff going on too, but I’ll save that so I have something else to post in future ;]

stuff happening

I thought rather than post the same stuff I put on my website, I’d share some development work.

I have a couple of really exciting projects going on. One based around my digital work, and the other is more focussed on the originals I’ve been painting. They both need some new stuff doing so it’s been  really good for focusing my mind on new ideas. (OK, more of the same ideas…)

So yeah, been sketching away and these are where I’m at right now. Ascend, and Recline kinda go with Strings, which I painted a while back, but is getting a digital reworking to complement the others and work as a trio.





Minerva is going to get painted



and these are some other doodles


Anyhoo, I’ve taken a few days off work to get to grips with them, and so far, all I’ve done is wade through a years worth of paperwork which all needed filing. Excitement. I better get cracking.