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Something from last week, inspired by the film “Let the Right One In”. Acrylic, printed material and graphite on wood panel.


more wood panel shenanigans

Paste up a wood panels with pages from a journal dating from 1860.

Paint on it.

Fuck it up.

Sand it back, paint it again.

Fuck it up again.

Throw toys out of pram, attack with sander, think “uhuh, this surface looks rather funky now” and draw on the mofo.

“Just Fly”:

The long way to getting a picture you’re happy with.

cutlery drawers & cherubs

More fooling around with some found materials. A couple of drawers from an old cutlery factory. Loving working on the old wood surfaces – so much texture and character, they pretty much paint themselves. I’m hoping to snag a few more, which should keep me busy for a while.

finished (i think)

I’m sure there’ll be something to tweak when I look at it next, but overall pretty damn pleased with how it turned out.

work in progress

The troublesome wood panel is getting a second chance.

I’m using a different image and taking a different approach this time, here’s how it’s looking right now. Just lots of work with a graphite stick. Next stage I’ll varnish it, then start to work over with some colour and highlights. Still carrying the remains of the last attempt. Kinda adds to it.

I’ve really got no idea what I’m doing, time will tell!

Some good, some bad

It’s been a really funny week, I ‘d set aside some time for something that’s been delayed. No problems, that leaves me with a whole week to fill with painting/drawing/riding bikes, plus, it seems to be the start of spring (finally). All good.

So I set about some wood panels that I’d got waiting to be dealt with. The first result I already posted, the second was….well….fucking abysmal. I dunno, it just totally did my head in, I just cant seem to get the paint to do anything I want on a hard surface. It got painted over and over and ended up a horrid greyed out stodgy mess.

Fuck you wood panels.

At least for now. I’m going back to some lovely paper, and maybe a little digital malarkey.

I did this to console myself:

And I thought I’d post this, which i did a month or so ago, it kinda kick started the current baby/angel/skull head thing I’ve been doing.

On the plus side, the Blik thing seems to be going down really well, generating some interest, and there’s still a few more days in which I can do justice to the idea I butchered on the wood panel!

got wood

I bought a couple of wood panels last week, wanted to try painting on something different. This is the first attempt. As you’d imagine, felt totally different to painting on paper, but was pretty fun. Led to a much rougher approach, which was what I was hoping for really, I like how the wood and texture show through the paint.

I’ll get started on the next one this weekend…

“Flight”, acrylic and graphite on 50cm x 30cm wood panel: