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messing around with wood

I called in at Jones’ place the other week and managed to make off with some lovely chunks of old oak. God knows what they were originally, but they seemed destined for some attention in one form or another. Some paint/glue/graphite led to this:


The other chunk in the pic is next on the hit list. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks fooling around on found bits of wood, doors and suchlike. With mixed success, but it’s fun to mix it up a little.

Also looking forward to a timed print release with 1xRun They’ve been really cool guys to work with and have released some awesome prints recently, so super excited to be working with them. Print drops next Friday April 22nd and will only be available until the 28th – so get those orders ready or miss it forEVAH!


more drawers

I still had a couple of the cutlery drawers laying around and felt they deserved some attention. This fella found his way onto one. I love the qualities the old surface add to the painting, unfortunately I only have one drawer left now.

more wood panel shenanigans

Paste up a wood panels with pages from a journal dating from 1860.

Paint on it.

Fuck it up.

Sand it back, paint it again.

Fuck it up again.

Throw toys out of pram, attack with sander, think “uhuh, this surface looks rather funky now” and draw on the mofo.

“Just Fly”:

The long way to getting a picture you’re happy with.